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Repost off my Sister Char, Baby Shower.🎈👠

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Memories of my first ever Wagamama&#8217;s in London with Iz &amp; Clarissa, yum&#160;! 🍜

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'The Photographers' Gallery, London.📷🎨

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So happy, not only am I being trained to be a Visual Merchandiser I have also been nominated by my Manager in just my second week of starting a new job in Fashion Retail to work with the Visual team & create all of the displays around the store for Christmas ! 😁👗


Reminiscing over last years London Fashion Weekend with Iz. 👌👗

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Frozen yoghurt.🍦😋

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R.I.P to all those people who thirteen years ago today lost their lives, 9/11. 🙏


Up the Empire State last year with my JJ&#160;! 🇺🇸

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Roshe Run. ✔️🍑

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